Friday 11 April 2008


We've spent a bit of time checking out the area of Hull known as Newington. It is the collection of terraced streets between Hessle Road and Anlaby Road, with the main railway line to Hull running through it. Chunks of the streets have been demolished with a reported £12m being spent on new developments, though it looks a very small area compared to the total area. It just looks like a bomb-site at the moment. There are also some rows of houses boarded up, but with a house here and there still occupied.

We looked for Amy Johnson school off Hawthorne Avenue, but it turns out that it was closed a few years ago. The whole area has a strange mixture of being run-down with glimpses of new bits here and there.

Two of the National Cycle Routes (1 and 65) run through here on the same route and on towards the centre of Hull. Oddly it cuts through an alley between Coltman Street and Bean Street which tells cyclists to dismount because it is a footpath.

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