Sunday 6 September 2009

Council update

We've been out checking bus stops again. We now have checked about a quarter of the stops in Hull. We have done some of the busiest roads so some gentle routes around quieter parts today made it easy. One of the stops is labelled as St Bede's church, so that helped add the name of a rather strange church that has no name board up but does not seem abandoned.

I have a sent a spreadsheet off to a chap in Hull City Council's transport team. It lists the stops we've checked and add the comments and issues, like stops with no signs, or no code on the sign or no stop at all. I'm interested what he thinks of our efforts - he has already said he wants to see it. I have not detailed the stops we have moved, mostly less than 20 metres, unless they were completely wrong such a the wrong side of a junction, or the wrong side of a street or on the wrong street. Most of the stops have been good, well labelled, and well positioned. There's just a lot still to do.

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Good work, keep us posted :)