Wednesday 7 October 2009

Stops again

We went out to verify some more bus stops in Hull. The stops have been loaded from the NaPTAN import and have generally been quite good. They are labelled in a straight-forward way and generally their positions have been pretty good. The NaPTAN data includes a bearing showing the direction a bus will leave the stop, in Hull's case this is the 8 cardinal points N, NE, E etc. These bearings are the biggest single error, and it's easy spot. I make a note of such errors to send to a chap in the council so, hopefully, he will update the NaPTAN data from what we find.

We drove up and down Spring Bank today. Driving looking for stops is tricky, but in the slow moving traffic today it was very easy, we stopped alongside most of the stops in traffic which was heavier than normal because of road works. It's generally too far to walk between most stops - it would take too long - but one problem with driving, rather than cycling, is that you get hung up on buses. If I stop at a bus stop for Jean to photograph the sign etc., but a bus is following us we need to vacate the stop before the bus arrives and evicts us. If we end up following a bus we need to find a place to stop and wait for the bus to clear the stops.

I wanted to clear the Spring Bank area this week because next week it will be very busy because Europe's biggest temporary fairground arrives in Hull. It is a great fair, there are the usual small stalls and fast-food stalls and lots of big, fast rides which help you see your fast food again.

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