Tuesday 10 November 2009

Last stop in Hull

We've just checked the last bus stop in Hull. The process has been hard work at times, but there's more reward to it than it might seem. We've added a lot of detail that had otherwise been missed. Today we set off to check the last four stops that are tangled up in a substantial rebuild of James Reckitt Avenue. Checking the four stops took a few minutes, and we found a church that had been overlooked. There is a push to import data from various sources - I don't think it should be imported unless there is an accompanying checking process. That checking process must be done on the ground not from your armchair. It must, therefore be undertaken by someone local to the import process. National imports must be broken up into chunks that are managed locally. This is the way NaPTAN data has been loaded, though not every stop has been checked yet.

So, some stats:
NaPTAN had 1299 stops listed, we found 9 extra ones, total: 1308
  • 91 stops (7%) were missing
  • 66 stops (5%) were substantially moved
  • 139 stops (11%) had the wrong bearing
  • 51 stops (4%) had no ATCO code on the sign (there were 39 more in the new transport interchange, but these are electronic boards that don't really need labelling. School bus stops also had no codes).
  • 10 stops (0.7%) had the wrong code (after investigation)
I have yet to send the last batch of data to the Transport Team in Hull City Council, let's see what response I get.

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