Monday 21 June 2010

More checks and a correction

A couple years ago we were checking out streets in the Anlaby Common area and I wrote a blog about it. When the OS Locator data was made easy to use by ITO's tiles I saw that Ordnance Survey were repeating the same stuff that was on Google's Map two years ago, maybe they share the same surveyors.  Since it was two years ago I thought I'd check again, as well as some other anomalies. I'm glad I did check, someone has corrected a sign board, though OS still have it wrong.

Two roads run parallel to one another, one is called Plantation Drive and one Plantation Drive West. When we last were there the most easterly road carried the name Plantation Drive West, which I commented about at the time, now the name boards have been swapped. OS still think the most easterly road is Plantation Drive East, which is not what the name board says.

Nearby in Anlaby Common there is a road with a loop called Spring Gardens. OS name all the parts separately as Spring Gardens East, West and South. The signs all say Spring Gardens and the house numbers work for a single street, even though they dot about a bit.

We did find a few small roads that were missing from OSM and a couple of names that were wrong, but there were a few other names that OS had wrong.  I'm finding the process very useful to check what we entered years ago and helping find new roads and extentions that we otherwise wouldn't know about.

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