Tuesday 21 September 2010

Link roads, bugs and limits

We needed some compost for potting up winter plants and I know that a new link road is being built near to the garden centre, so I thought I'd check it out. I know the road is being built because the A1079 has a frustrating new 30 mph speed limits and speed cameras on it. A roundabout is being added to help the link road join into the main road. The link load is, I think, only going to Swift caravans to help them move their raw materials onto their site and especially move the large mobile homes and caravans they produce off site, directly onto a substantial road and not through Cottingham village. The new roads cuts across North Moor Lane, and would have provided a short cut into Cottingham from the A1079, something the planners want to avoid, so North Moor Lane has been cut in half to prevent this rat-run being created.

Part of the reason I looked at this area is that a newbie had added a huge stretch of 30 mph on the A1079 in response to a Skobbler bug report. The 30 mph limit had already been added, but rather than accept that the editor just added extra 30 mph areas. Bug reporting is a great idea, but it would be nice if people would actually visit the reported area before 'fixing' it. I have sorted it out now, but the new roundabout will still need adding when I can get a GPS trace around it.

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