Tuesday 11 January 2011

Swords into ploughshare?

Things have been a bit quiet on the mapping front for the past few weeks. Short, dark days are frustrating for surveying, the snow that started to fall at the end of November made getting around more of a problem. Then Christmas came along with visiting relatives being far more interesting than being out in the cold.

I have been fiddling with an idea I have for doing some analysis of OSM files. I have decided to make it browser based, but it is early days yet. I may yet struggle with having only a limited amount of disk space available to me online, but it's fun to try new things.

Heading home from a quick trip into town, we passed the Kingfisher pub that has been up for sale for a while. A new sign caught my eye and I was somewhat surprised to see that the pub had been converted to a church. Now that lots of pubs are closing across the country I have been wondering how the buildings will get reused and now I come to think of it turning it into a church is not as strange as I first thought. It is in the middle of the community, it's a reasonable size, it has rooms that the community might use and it has a car park. I just wonder if they will get more customers than the pub did.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting because Newsnight recently did a piece on all the churches closing down and how those buildings will be reused for other things.