Friday 4 February 2011

A whole village?

We took a tour around Melton, a small village not far from home. My aim was to add all of the addresses for the place, from collection to editing, in an afternoon and I failed. We wandered around the place in a howling gale, struggling to see some of the addresses. The addresses of some houses which don't display a number can be determined just by looking at the number either side, but on some of the older parts of village streets that doesn't work. Some houses only have names, some are recent additions to the street and the numbers don't fit and sometimes there are gaps in the numbers for no apparent reason.

We completed the whole village quite quickly. Except we didn't - I had forgotten that part of the village lies to the south of the A63. So, addresses for a village in an afternoon? Not quite.

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H4ck3rm1k3 said...

Looks pretty good for a start,
good luck!