Monday 7 March 2011

Shared building, two streets

I have been gathering addresses and other detailed information for the villages that make up the postcode area HU14 - more of that soon. One thing I noticed in a few places is where a building that makes up a semi-detached house is on the corner of two streets and each house is on a different street. Having thought about it there is no real reason why both houses in a semi-detached should be on the same street, I just expected that they would be.

The highlighted houses in the picture are especially confusing because their numbers are so close, but one is on Riverview Avenue and the other on Southfield Drive.


Anonymous said...

I've been doing address mapping in my local area too ( and have noticed the same thing. It can look very confusing but I can't think of a better way to show it. I've started to use the associatedStreet relation (like to make sure that the related street is really explicit in the DB but at least setting the addr:street makes the distinction.

SK53-osm said...

This is very common on estates built by Nottingham City Council in the inter-war period: often the semi-detached house on the corner is a different type of building from other houses on either road. Certainly has to be watched for: I presume the two houses have separate postcodes as they lie on different streets.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me actually: I wish there was a feature in JOSM that allowed me to split a building into two by selecting two of its nodes. All the terracer plugins seem to have too many features and balk at non-rectangular ways. I prefer having smaller, single-task plugins which I can combine together however I wish.

I also wish for the ability to be able to simply select a number of objects and through a dialog add addr:housenumber to all the objects in order and interpolated correctly. Even better if when the end-objects already have addr:housenumber tags it was entirely automatic. Perhaps I should learn Java or see how the Python-based plugin system for Merkaartor is coming on.