Monday 28 November 2011

We paid a quick visit to Woodmansey today to check out a holiday home park that has been in the press recently and some other stuff. Apparently people have been living in the chalets all-year-round when the planning permission doesn't allow this. The place used to be a caravan site but now the caravans have gone to be replaced with smallish chalets on brick foundations. There were still plots for sale and the sales office is still advertising them as retirement homes which is not what the planning permission was for. 

The road ways have names and all showed up on the OS Locator anomalies list. We gathered much more information than just the road names: there were more named roads than OS locator indicates, one road name was wrong in OSL, there were a couple of lakes and a public footpath running through the site. It is always worth visiting the scene of these anomalies rather than just use the names, sometimes overwriting the existing surveyed stuff as has happened in the north of the county recently.

A few service roads and buildings on an industrial estate and a couple of extras added, including a newly-built gated community that I sneaked into while the gates were still open for the builders rounded off the visit. On the way home we found a new 40 mph speed limit on a very quiet, narrow and twisty road that is often used by cyclists and horse riders. There was also a bunch of notices up about compulsory purchase of land to the south of Beverley where a much talked-about southern bypass is in the planning stages. It seems a bit bold to compulsorily purchase the land when the planning has not been agreed and there is still, therefore, some debate about the exact route.

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