Friday 13 January 2012

New development for Hull

Yesterday we went to see the plans for an exciting new development in Hull. Kingston upon Hull sits alongside the Humber estuary and has docks along much of this waterfront. Some have been changed over the years - one has been filled in and turned into a sunken garden in the city centre, another filled in and and turned in to a housing development, one has a large shopping centre built over it on stilts, one has become a marina, but the biggest ones remain as commercial docks run by Associated British Ports. ABP have announced plans with Siemens to create GreenPortHull, a factory to build offshore wind turbines to be installed in the North Sea. The existing Alexandra dock will have the companies who use it moved to the next dock, King George dock, so that the whole of Alexandra dock can become GreenPortHull.

I talked to a helpful guy from ABP about the development and explained about OSM, which he seemed genuinely interested in. I decided to use his description and his flyer to create a mock up of the new GreenPortHull.I first rendered a small map of the way the dock looks now:

I then copied the data and edited the copy to change the shape of the dock area, alter the road, remove the footway and add the new cycleway around the north of the dock. I added a few captions (by cheating with adding some place nodes) and rendered the new map.

The result is interesting, and done in a few minutes could be a bit slicker, but with more time it could easily be great.

The development is almost universally welcomed in the city which should be building turbines in three years.

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