Thursday 21 May 2015

Not Alone

I went out looking for new developments in East Yorkshire today. Looks like I was not alone.


xkomczax said...


How many StreetView companies do you have in UK? As long as I know there are two active StreetView providers in the Czech republic: Google and Seznam (local mixture of Google and Yahoo)

Chris Hill said...

I only know of Google here. We have Mapillary ( ) which is a kind of crowd sourced version. You can add to that yourself.

xkomczax said...

Of course I know Mapillary (and already contributed ;-) )

My question was if there are some more companies who can possibly allow us to use their work in OSM (there was one in Central and Eastern Europe, including Czech republic, in past which did so. But they were not successful and their service is discontinue).

Chris Hill said...

I don't know of any such companies.

To be clear, we cannot use Google Streetview. Their term expressly forbid it and they have refused to licence their data for our use.

xkomczax said...

Oh, of course, I thought some other company making StreetView photos with different approach towards OSM