Thursday 25 June 2015


Today I received two DVDs with Lidar data on them. They cover Hull and some of the surrounding area data showing centimetre height records at 50cm spacing. It shows DTM, so no buildings or trees, though DSM is available too.

I've just finished making a replacement window for the garage - the old one was completely rotten - so I fitted it this afternoon while the weather was fine. Now that's done I can turn to this detailed Lidar data.


Harry Wood said...

That's funny. I just read this, and then spotted somebody in the office here at Future Cities Catapult had the same data up on his screen. A yellowy raster image showing lovely rooftops, cars and trees detail as 3D rendering. We were trying to work out if the raster image gives you 3D height data, but decided not. It's just a rendering, where the shade of a pixel doesn't help you figure out the height (more about orientation). So for actually height data we need to poke around in a space separated data file

Chris Hill said...

I suspect that if the raw DTM were to be subtracted from the raw DSM the height of trees and buildings might be revealed. The DSM dataset is currently about £26,000+ so it would be expensive to find out!