Friday 25 January 2008


When I first looked at the Open Street Map, there were lots of blank spaces near me. Slowly we've filled the spaces with roads, villages and so on. Other people have added markers for villages from maps that are out of copyright. For some time now Huggate has been a village stuck in the middle of a blank space, so today we drove out there to join it up to the other villages around.

What a lovely day. A howling gale was blowing, but in the car that didn't matter. The clouds raced across the sky and the small gaps between lit the countryside with bright pools against the black sky. The wolds villages are small and simple, with small old churches, maybe a pub and not much else - except the view. The deep, steep wolds valleys are stunning, the roads are small enough to need a lot of attention even though there is very little traffic. We also saw more bullfinches in one day than I've even seen before.

We joined up Millington to Huggate and North Dalton. There are many more tiny roads to add, and I look forward to seeking them out.

While typing this I was waiting for the new roads to appear on the map, and now they have. The lines on the map do not do justice to the journey we had today. Take a look.

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