Saturday 19 January 2008

Swollen river

We decided to look at some of the roads and villages just south of Driffield. It was sparked by a conversation about a flood warning on the river Hull between Nafferton and Watton. The river Hull doesn't go even near to Nafferton, but why let facts get in the way of a BBC news report.

We drove to Driffeld and then out to Skerne and on to North Frodingham. After checking out some of the small lanes around there, the River Hull clearly was very high, but not overflowing or even that close. We haven't been near the Derwent in the West of the East Yorkshire, but it will have quietly overflowed as it does most years. We could find no real sign of Emmotland or Church End. The mapping pages provided by a Famous Web Search Engine (FWSE) show all sorts of places like this. They used to be places, perhaps little more than a farm, but now there is nothing on the ground. I now mark many of these as place=locality in OSM. This makes them show up to stop people adding them again, I'd like them to printed in grey to match their status as ghost places.

The ride took a lot longer than expected and as the light started to go and I was looking forward to a cup of tea, we headed home, through Leven and the very twisty road to Wawne. The hamlet of Meaux (pronounced locally as muse) didn't show up, so it is another locality.

There's lots more to do in this area, including some largish villages such as Leven, Brandsburton and Beeford which will each take hours to complete, and there are still roads that are untouched.

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