Wednesday 5 May 2010

Using the VectorMap

I decided to use some of the OS VectorMap data. The stuff that makes the most sense is the natural features: water and woodland. There are some fish farms near Driffield alongside the river Hull that have loads of little lakes and streams, so that looked like a simple target that would add some value.

Having re-projected the VectorMap shape file of the area, I selected a group of lakes and ponds in the shape file using QGIS and saved them as a small shape file. Next a little python scrip was thrown together to extract all of the polygons and change them into an osm file to import into JOSM.

There were a few things to change, the river Hull needed to be sorted into riverbanks, some of the small streams needed to be joined up properly, but really it was very easy, and much better than tracing the ponds.

1 comment:

Micah B said...

Looks good. I was going to trace into Open Street Map a woodland from 'Ordnance Survey Street View' tiles after seeing on ground that what I saw and edges followed with GPS fitted well.
But maybe best for me to wait till I am able to import from OS Vector District if it has same woodland edges.