Saturday 23 April 2011

Another trip into the wolds

The lovely weather tempted us out into the Wolds again. This time around Millington and Huggate. Last time we were in the area a few days ago we got talking to a guy with an expensive HD camera trying to film Red Kites. Today we saw him again. Last time we had rather too long a conversation which seemed mainly to convey just how money he has and actually convinced me that he has more money than sense. So this time we stopped somewhere else to have a drink and were pleased to see and hear a willow warbler.

The roads in the Wolds have very few name boards, even in the small villages. We found a few new, small residential roads that we had either missed before or were new. One thing I did see, which is worth following up on another visit, is the newly signed National Cycle Network trails. I understand that some of the existing NCN trails are having some sections renumbered where there are optional or alternative routes. This however is a newly designated route which I have yet to follow properly.

One of the roads that show up on the OS Locator tiles was Cobdale Lane. Like most of the roads is the area I wasn't expecting to find an hint of the road name, but I was wrong. The name started at a bend in the road and a pleasant cottage was set on the dip and turn in the road. The name of the cottage was Cobdale Cottage. A few hundred metres futher down the road there was Cobdale Farm too. Maybe the road name is Cobdale Lane as suggested. 

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