Tuesday 19 April 2011

Lovely day in the wolds

The rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds is close to home and is a constant draw when I want to fill my lungs with fresh air. We went out today for a simple ride out, but I couldn't resist checking a few things for OSM. There's a roundabout near Pocklington that is being built - the road now used the roundabout in part at least. There was a small road that has altered in Shiptonthorpe. The main event today though was the scenery bathed in sunshine. It was about 21°C which is certainly warm for mid April.

We looked out for birds at the spot pictured as we enjoyed some tea. We saw distant red kites and buzzards. I heard a green woodpecker a few times, but it remained stubbornly hidden. I think I'll be back, if only to catch a glimpse of that woodpecker.

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