Saturday 22 October 2011


A bright, fairly sharp day tempted us out. I set off to check a few names in the Wolds village of Kilham, and in the end just about redrew it. The existing work was by a few people who had added bits that didn't join up, were very, very, approximate and had loads and loads missing. Most road names were missing even though there were clear names on every road. There was a name issue near the school. One end of the road has a board showing "Millside", the other "Mill Side". There is a change of speed limit on the road, so each end gets the respective name.  It took a while, but it was a pleasant place to be. One thing us OSMers like is to find a substantial road that is missing. Seeing that GPS trace meander across an empty space is satisfying and today it happened twice for country roads, once where a rural road was marked as a bridleway and lots of times for small residential roads.

I usually draw areas such as sports grounds and school fields from Bing imagery when I can, but a very new recreation ground was just a field on Bing. I had to guess how much of the field was taken. There was also a short road with a few brand new, empty bungalows on it. The road has no name board and doesn't appear on OS Locator, so I left a fixme for the name.

On the way home I we passed some road works, with a footpath / cycle lane next to the road. There was a sign giving orders to cyclists. Clearly the person who erected the sign doesn't know the rules.

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