Thursday 15 May 2008

All sorts

We've done a few short trips out, all around Hull. The industrial area along the A1033 to the east was fairly easy, with few public roads and a large area of industrial, including the docks. I added the outline of the docks from Y! photos with Potlatch. The level of detail is very poor in Hull, but for such a large area as the docks it's a good as I can manage - the docks are all closed to public access.

We added some of the roads around the new St Stephens shopping centre. No other maps have any of this, it's too new. Some of the road names were missing, but we knew the names from before the development. We'll check later in the year to see if any names boards have gone up in case we got any wrong. The shopping centre will still be a challenge because it's all enclosed so there may well be no GPS signal. There's no aerial photos yet so I'll do my best.

We also added some of the roads around the Hull Royal Infirmary. I'll add some more to then get the boundaries of the buildings. From a distance it looks like a tall thin tower (which there is) but the ground area of the much lower buildings are much bigger than the tower.

I haven't heard anything yet from Cloudmade about the grant I applied for. Maybe they're overrun or maybe they don't like my proposal, but an acknowledgement would be a good idea just to be sure they received by application. The blog on their website hasn't been posted to since March, so maybe they've taken their funding to some beach somewhere. :-)

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