Sunday 4 May 2008


I've been playing around with OpenLayers. I want to embed a map into my sister's web site. She has a Physio clinic and I've offered to build her web site (we're still discussing the details). I thought I'd just plonk a bitmap extracted from OSM to help people find her clinic.

Firstly the village she lives and works was not mapped. I added a couple of roads with Yahoo putting the names on from memory, but it was only a small part of the village. She lives 250 miles away, so a quick mapping trip was not really on. To my surprise when I looked today, TallGuy has added much more of the village. Thanks!

Then I extracted a bitmap, but it just doesn't cut it. I'm so used to zooming and scrolling around that a flat, static bitmap is crap. So OpenLayers then.

I copied some stuff from the wiki and embedded a div to display the map, and bingo, a lovely map. I then put a marker on it to mark the clinic and here's the rub: when you zoom in beyond level 14 the marker disappears. I can't find out what causes it. Wading through the OpenLayers Javascript is guaranteed to give you a sore head and no joy, so I'll sleep on it.

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- said...

The options (specifically the maxResolution) on the map object must match that on the Layer object.
As the co-author of the wiki examples, I'll stick the code in to fix it.