Monday 19 May 2008

Hutton Cranswick

We paid a visit to Hutton Cranswick, a village just south of Driffield. It's not a village I knew at all, so we drove around trying to make sure we covered everywhere. The village is really two villages which, strangely enough, were called Hutton and Cranswick. Cranswick is the southern end. It's got a lot of very small, fairly new houses, bungalows and terraces. Some of it is a bit older. Hutton on the other hand is a bit more posh. The pubs, school and the station are in Cranswick, the grand church is in Hutton.

We moved on to Bainton, but on the way we looked for Eastburn. There was a farm called Eastburn, but no village. I think it is one of the medieval villages that have disappeared over the years. Eastburn was added from the NPE map which is about 50 years old, so in the intervening years it has gone.

Bainton was easy enough, especially because it was partly done already. The tally of places in East Yorkshire that are mapped rolls on. It now stands at about 47% complete.

The Wiki page now has a map added by the inimitable Wiki Wrangler Harry Wood, and much better it looks - thanks Harry.

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