Friday 31 October 2008

Clocks and downpours

The west end of East Yorkshire was calling, so we set off to complete a few missing bits. I thought we would tidy up around Wressle and we did, but on the way we thought we could look at Airmyn too. As we crossed the river Ouse we saw that the tiny hamlet of Booth had a sign but the hamlet of Boothferry was nowhere to be seen. I think that there has been a confusion over these names and the fact that the bridge is called the Boothferry bridge. Maybe before the bridge there could have been a ferry at Booth - just a guess!

The rather affluent village of Airmyn sits just off the M62 and close to the bank of the river Aire. Alongside the High Street there is a clock tower that I first mistook for a church. The actual church is small and a bit wedged in by newish development.

We went out of the village to the south-west and joined up to the A645 which was tagged as a primary, but the sign was yellow and green so it should be trunk and I changed it. However we only saw a small part, so I need to follow more of it to be sure it is a trunk. I'm not completely happy with this trunk / primary definition: it seems that when a road sign is replaced they just get a green and yellow sign, so the black-and-white signs are just disappearing. I think we are nat making the most of the difference, but I think my ideas have been drowned out.

We popped up to Wressle and Newsholme and then into Howden - then the heavens opened in a big way. This makes taking photographs a problem, so we headed home. As the sky began to clear near home it makes for a dramatic sky.

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