Friday 30 January 2009

Moles and hills

The village of Holme upon Spalding Moor is now added to the map and, as promised, we took some photos to show the extent of the mole infestation. The first picture shows how big some of the mole hills are and the second gives some idea of the number of them. There were many more, but the photos don't do them justice, besides you're probably already bored.

The rest of Holme was very ordinary, except the church, which stands on an odd hill to the east of the village. The whole area is very flat, it's part of the Vale of York, but this quite abrupt hill shoots up with a church perched on the top of it. Over the lych gate of the church is an inscription: Mors Janua Vitea, which I think means Death is the gateway to life. To me, death is the gateway to a hole in the ground or gas furnace, but chacun son goût.

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