Thursday 14 May 2009

Robin path

We are working towards completing the road network and the villages in the East Riding. We went to complete another couple of villages in Holderness, Burton Pidsea and Roos. They were both straight-forward. There was a residential road still being built without a name, but otherwise things went quite well. There are a number of footpaths, none of which we traced - we'll save that for another time, but one seemed to have a fan.

We also saw another section of the National Byway Holderness loop. This is beginning to make some sense now, but I'm not sure how the loop will join back to the main route. It would be easier to follow if it appeared on the cycle map (hint, hint).

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Gregory Marler said...

Did you name it Robin Path on OSM and see if it becomes the name in several years?

I'm really really wanting to look into walking path rendering, just got a month of exams to get through before I can have another try at mapnik and stuff.