Friday 27 June 2008


Gilberdyke is a village that we have ignored for too long, so we set off to sort it out. There's a lot of newish housing estates, with no real centre to the place. It used to lie on the A63 that connected Hull to the rest of the world. Then someone built the M62 and suddenly Gilberdyke was in the middle of nowhere, even the A63 is now the B1230.

There is a business park, actually an industrial estate, and I did some IT work there a few years ago for a company making really interesting plastic film {yawn}.

There was a new sports field out to the west, with vicious speed humps, and on the way out we spotted a wild tree mallow, which Jean likes. Her collection of wild flower photos already includes a tree mallow (Lavatera arborea), but you, dear reader, might like to see what one is so here it is:

We have done a lot of mapping in Hull recently, so it is refreshing to get back into the countryside.

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