Wednesday 11 June 2008

Nearly halfway

The sky looked black. All the jobs were done at home. The allotment was fairly tidy. So a spin out into the Yorkshire countryside seemed in order. I've been maintaining a list of the mapping progress through the East Yorkshire villages for many months. Some people have updated it too, but some people have put in loads of detail on the map, but the list has been left behind. I thought I'd check out some of the villages near Stamford Bridge. This is the north-west of East Yorkshire and has had a lot of work done over the last six months or so, but not by me.

We headed out to Low and High Catton and worked our way back home via Pocklington and Market Weighton. I wanted to check that the roads were all in place with names where possible and the amenities such as churches, pubs schools and the like were mapped. We added a few roads, especially a small estate in Full Sutton and a few minor country lanes. We added a few names to roads though it's surprising how many small villages don't have any street names on show. I wonder what their address is? We found a road called Feoffee Common Lane, which is a great name.

We followed part of the national cycle network route 66 on and off, adding a couple of missing country lanes it uses. The section from Market Weighton to Stamford bridge is now complete.

Oh yes, we're nearly halfway through the villages in East Yorkshire. Take a look.

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