Saturday 21 June 2008

Never trust what you think you know

On a damp Saturday afternoon, I thought a few bits or tidying up would help. We set out into Hull to check a couple of schools of Endyke Lane. I thought I knew their extent, but as usual it was worth checking. They occupy a triangle near the university, but in one corner there is a Jehovah's Witness church which I knew nothing about. One of the schools has changed its name too. We went to look at St. Mary's college, which is nearby. Again I thought it filled a space but some of the space is now a sport centre. A few photos and some way points help mark the edges, and a quick drive round the sports centre car park help mark the extent of the school.

Then we set off to Clough Road. It has a strip of warehouse-style shops surrounded by old industrial areas. It housed the first Comet pile-it-high in the country. A few short side roads help to judge where the retail ends and the industrial starts. It didn't take long, but a nice chunk of land up to the river Hull is now well tagged. Take a look.

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