Friday 10 April 2009


Yesterday we went to complete Burstwick, which was straightforward. We are slowly knocking off the bigger villages in the south of Holderness. There are a few left to go at and some tiny places with some small country roads. There's only lo-res Yahoo for the area, so visiting the places is essential. Recently soemone has added some parish boundaries from the out-of-copyright maps, but comparing them to modern OS maps the boundaries have moved. I can't use the modern OS data of course, but some of the parish boundaries are clearly wrong, so I think we should wait until we find a way to add the modern boundaries rather than add something which is inaccurate.

Yesterday I bought a new cycle carrier. It fits on my towbar and so is clear of the car. My last carrier doesn't fit the shape of this car well and I'm always worried about the carrier scratching the paint. This summer we will be able to range more widely with the bikes. I'm not fit enough to ride long distances any more so riding my bike locally gets a bit monotonous, but if I carry them and start somewhere else some of the fun will return. I want to improve the mapping of the cycle routes in Hull to be able to produce a cycle map that is much more up-to-date than the current City Council map.

Spring is gaining ground, with flowering trees and shrubs coming to their best, which makes walking and cycling even better.

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