Monday 6 April 2009

School's out

We have driven through Bilton time and time again. It is on one of the main routes out of Hull to the North East and I'd just kind of ignored it, so today we went to Bilton, not through it. We wandered around this little village which is only just in East Yorkshire. It was quiet, except the main road (B1238). We didn't even see many kids even though it was a school holiday, but when we got to look at the primary school there was a fire engine with blue lights flashing, so maybe school needed putting out.

We went on to add a little road near Burstwick. The village is not complete - it's on my list to do soon, but I wanted to look at the abandoned railway line nearby. Once again it is just a footpath, even though many such trackbeds have been made into cycleways.

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