Wednesday 15 April 2009

South Holderness Rail Trail

As part of the push to map the villages of the southern part of Holderness, we set out to map Keyingham. It's a fairly ordinary village with a couple of churches and a couple of pubs, a new school and a chunk of the South Holderness Rail Trail. This is an abandoned railway running from Hull to Withernsea, although the rail trail only goes as far as Patrington according to the East Riding Council web site. We are working our way towards Patrington so we'll find out. The abandoned station at Hedon is a car park for access to the trail, but in Keyingham the station is a private house, so the trail has to take a detour along a couple of tracks. I first saw the route in the east side of Hull which is a wide, tarmacked path. The trail between Hedon and Keyingham is a muddy track, not a cinder track like some abandoned rail lines and certainly not paved. It is signed as a footpath, but the council web site hints at riding a bike on it. I'd ride a mountain bike, prepared for mud, but it might be a bit much for a road bike.

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