Monday 13 July 2009

Micro parks

After a couple of uncomfortable days, I wanted to get out, so we went to check up a couple of things we had noticed in Cottingham. This very big village is mapped to a basic level, but we have seen a few small patches of green, public space that we could add and a footpath we had missed. They all quickly fell under the unblinking gaze of my GPSr and camera. We saw a few benches as you might expect in small parks. I do add amenity=bench when I can but one caught my eye with a rose arbour behind it, it got the extra tag arbour=yes. Now I will know we have an amazing map when the renderers come up with a special icon for that tag. We found a small residential couryard we had missed too, so a useful little foray as well as being nice to be in the sun.

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