Saturday 4 July 2009


I've seen other people adding to the data in my local area and it's great to see. A couple of people have been adding streets to the town of Pocklington and the surrounding area. I think their main impetus is to add footpaths and bridleways, so the streets they added were not named. I thought we could look at the village of Barmby Moor to the south west of Pocklington, then try to add names to some of the streets in the town. Barmby Moor is a small place with the usual winding roads of an older English village. There were no problems so we set off for Pocklington.

Pocklington is a small town in the Vale of York at the foot of the Wolds. It is a pleasant place and the surrounding countryside is lovely. It's main drawback, to me, is that the main road to Hull or York is the A1079. This is a dreadful road that is busy and dangerous, and one that I avoid when I can.

We ended up re-tracing many of the roads already on the map to be sure of where the name changes were, then struck out into areas not yet mapped. We have not finished the town, it will take at least two more visits to get a basic coverage.

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