Friday 31 July 2009

Secondaries and schools

Another chunk of Pocklington is wrapped up. We spent time trying to work out the extent of Pocklington School - a 500 year old boarding school. I think there are actually two schools on the campus, but without access or local knowledge I've wrapped up the area simply as one school. The sports grounds are extensive and I'm not sure if I've got it right. Maybe sorting it out properly would be a good little project for the school's geography department. There's a public footpath that is yet to be added and that might turn out to be the boundary of the school grounds. It also leads to the Gliding Club airfield. It's years since I flew from there in a glider; as a private pilot in a plane with an engine I wasn't welcome unless I could tow gliders skywards.

The town centre still needs some work. There are roads missing and nonames. There are lots of POIs waiting to be added. Then there's the secondary road that dries up. The B1246 passes through the town, but in a chunk in the middle of the town the signs for the road suddenly change to B1246 in brackets. I think that the original route includes Market Place which is now a low speed road for shoppers. It then goes up Union Street which has become a oneway street, so the route breaks in one direction. I'll see what else I can find next time.

There are other people who have done some work in the town, Al21 and Stevie D especially, so maybe they know how it works. The town might only need one more push to get the basic level complete.

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