Thursday 16 July 2009

The Snuffy

We went out again for a little, fairly local session. The temperature rose to 25°C, in spite of the forecast predicting 20°C, the sun has shone all day and the forecast showers were nowhere to be seen. I was glad of the fresh air, so we went to join up the Snuffy.

Snuff Mill Lane (the Snuffy) is a footpath that joins Cottingham to the outskirts of Hull. It crosses the Hull to Scarborough railway line on a little foot crossing. Satellite reception was very good, much of the time showing six feet, so I went to sort out a few more footpaths and cycleways that we had missed or we had really lousy tracks of before. In the process we found a public car park that I didn't know about.

Another pleasant couple of hours in the sun, I'm just waiting to see the Snuffy rendered.

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