Monday 28 April 2008

Lorries, photos and unease

We had some pretty big thunder storms yesterday, well big for round here - nothing like tropical storms I know, so I thought a quick trip in the car might be in order. I need a trip outside, my brain hurts, writing PIC assembler is a great way to get headache.

There is a village just north of Beverley called Leconfield which has not been mapped. The village is small, but it has a large military base called Normandy Barracks right next door. The barracks is Europe's largest military driving school, we see white 7½ tonne trucks with learner plates all around the area. There is still an Air-sea rescue helicopter based here too. The site used to be an RAF airfield.

We toured the little village, but when we got close to the barracks I was uncomfortable about taking photos since all military bases are touchy and there have been instances locally of people being questioned by the police about taking photos in the street. We took our photos of the street signs and drove around the residential streets close to the base then beat a hasty retreat.

It is crap feeling uneasy about doing something which is wholly legal and indeed generally helpful, but that's what it's like to be screwed by Bush and Blair.

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