Friday 23 May 2008

Not so tidy

In the real world I'm not a tidy person (far from it) but in my virtual world my alter ego is tidy. I love to see tidy code with in-line documentation up-to-date and sensible. Better still carefully designed objects called from procedural code, with a matching database or file design. I hate to see disorganised databases or stupidly messy file structures, and flung together websites jar on me.

It's become the same with maps. When I come across other people's tidy work that reflects the real world it gladdens my heart, but when I come across lazily thrown together stuff it makes me shudder. I've seen roads drawn as primary or trunk, but with no name or reference. If the author knows it's a primary, he must have seen a sign, so why not tag it?

I have tidied up some crap work today, so I actually feel better about it now. I'm cross that someone took the trouble to tag a road with speed limits (two in km/h, yet one in m/h) yet they clearly copied the name from another on-line map. I've corrected the name from one of our photos and checked the track (which was good), but I didn't check the change points for the speed limit. There were some other tatty bits that now are complete, correctly named and tidy.

Let's get the basics right before we go for niceties.

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Shaun McDonald said...

It's not the first time I've done a long distance cycle (70+ miles) and only remembered the type of road, as stopping and starting to take a photo or note of the type of road would have taken too long.