Tuesday 21 October 2008

You live and learn

You know how it is, you think you know something well, then someone asks a question that floors you. Well today I was walking in our village when someone asked me where a house in The Park was. I was stumped. He showed me the address, but I didn't know where the road was. I have lived in the village for twenty years, my family has lived in the village for five generations, I used to deliver stuff locally, I have mapped the village from end to end on foot and yet I didn't know where the road was.

I asked around and found that small entrance off West Leys is not the driveway I had assumed but is actually a short roadway called The Park. The road is not named at its entrance, but a house has the road name displayed on its name board. It is now on the map; my pride may take a little longer to recover.

Later we took a look at some more of Hull, which is slowly filling out. We added a chunk around Lambwath Road, including Gillshill Road which borders East Park that we looked at last week. This also joins Sutton to the rest of the city.

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Google Maps doesn't display the name on the map, but knows where to find it if you are searching for the address.