Friday 17 April 2009

Mill Rise

We wandered around a little part of our village recording addresses. What a pleasant change from Dale Close, we got a few smiles and hellos and no hostility at all. This addressing lark takes a long time to do well. I can't add it to the database at the moment because of the API upgrade to version 0.6.

The other reason to take the GPS out for a walk is to check out the Garmin GPS maps I've just loaded from Lambertus's site. The maps are pretty large compared to the Garmin ones so I had to load a large chunk of the north of England which takes a while through the serial link that my old Garmin Etrex has. My laptop went into standby near the end of the first upload process, so I had to start again, but it was certainly worth waiting for. The map looks great and the current track is drawn alongside the map. Well done Lambertus, it really is great.

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