Monday 11 January 2010

Snow, what snow.

All sorts of stuff seemed to get in the way of getting out and gathering some map data.  Most recently the unusual amount of snow has kept us close to home.  Overnight the thaw set in and the roads were largely passable.  I decided not to set off deep into the rural parts of East Yorkshire so we took a look at the bus stops in Bilton, which is on the edge of Hull. 

The drive through Hull was a surprise - there was almost no snow, even in places that would not have been cleared.  On Friday the local news reported that traffic in the city had been badly delayed - a short journey took a few hours.  Today that was hard to believe.

When we got to Bilton the bus stops were quite straight-forward to find. Only one (pictured) had the NaPTAN code on the sign, but that is not unusual.  There was a stretch of road works on the road towards Preston and three stops were wrapped up in that.  They looked as though they had been removed some time ago.  If they were in use there would have been temporary stops beyond the road works, which we did not see. 

The short days restrict photography at the moment so the forays are short and fairly local.

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