Tuesday 25 January 2011


This mapping makes me notice changes that I think would have washed over me before, but I'm sure I would have noticed what has happened to Heron Foods warehouse. They have moved to a shiny new warehouse outside of town and the old one has been demolished, but I'm not sure what the plans are for the site yet.

It will be a while before any of the other maps display the site correctly, for me it is easy, I can just draw the building from the Bing aerials (the one with the mouse cursor on it) and tag it as a brownfield site until I know more. There is a fence around the site, where before there were the walls of the building, so I can add that too.

Rarely does a trip out not reveal something that has been missed or has changed, but not always such a dramatic change as this. Roll on the spring and the chance to do more surveys.

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