Friday 18 November 2011

Highest and Tallest

We took a ride to the top of Garrowby Hill on the A166. It was a bit wet in the unforecast rain, but it stopped long enough at the top of the hill to not see the view for the murk. This is the highest point in East Yorkshire at about 245m. We did find the trig point hidden away in the grounds of a small water works. I added the runaway lane on Garrowby Hill, but I don't know what others tag these as. I'll probably have to change the tag when I've worked it out.

On the way home we passed Market Weighton and noticed that the bypass has a new name: Giant Bradley Way. William 'Giant' Bradley was the tallest British man ever recorded at 7' 9" (2.108m). Market Weighton, where he was born and lived, is trying to use the Yorkshire Giant to promote itself as a centre for tourism. Which is nice.

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