Thursday 27 September 2012

Keeping it fun

A short trip out today to the east of Hull, into the area known as Holderness. We were looking to find some new developments in Keyingham, Thorngumbald and Hedon. The two in Keyingham and Thorngumbald were very similar and slightly unusual design of houses. They look to be by the same architect. The upper level only has skylights in the roof, but the eves are half a storey above where I'd expect them to be.

In Hedon the new road is part of a bigger development. The roads don't all have names yet, but I added them with a note anyway.

As usual, a survey turns up extra stuff. The extra roads, a new 20 mph speed limit, a playground both in Hedon and Keyingham, a recreation ground not added before and a hotel too.

I added the details I saw, tweaked a few roads to give a better alignment with Bing, now I have GPS tracks to confirm how well aligned Bing is and got tempted into adding a few buildings too.

There is a lot of discussion at the moment about the imported Cadastre data in France. I don't know how good the data is or how well it is being interpreted as it is imported (wall=no seems an odd tag for a building)  but I'm glad that my contributions to OSM relies mostly on a trip out to see what is really there, backed up with imagery and OpenData. It is what makes OSM fun for me.

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