Thursday 21 February 2008

Local targets

We have mapped a few local villages and hamlets. All went well, but, as usual, there were the unexpected finds. Today we found a little road, called Shepherds Way, that joins the two main roads that run south from Beverley. It was always there. People must use it every day. Some people probably rely on it. I didn't know it was there only a few miles from my home.

The number of villages and hamlets in East Yorkshire that need completing is steadily going down. It is now only 197 - that is one hundred and ninety seven. This means about 30% are complete. This includes removing some from the list that were added from old maps that are no longer in copyright (so we can copy from them) , but these villages are no longer occupied.

Things may not be as bad as it seems. Some villages are complete but the person who mapped it didn't update the list - why should they?

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