Sunday 17 February 2008


We took a drive out in our new (to us) car, and took in some of the Wolds villages. The cluster of little places south west of Driffield were not complete, so we drove through Southburn, Kirkburn, and Tibthorpe. There were not many road names on show and the small places rushed past. We headed towards Huggate and then turned towards Wetwang.

We checked out the streets of Wetwang quite quickly - it's not a big place - and headed towards the Garton on the Wolds to join a road that is still not on the map. On the way home we finished a couple of roads in Kilnwick and realised there was still more to do nearby, but a cup of tea was calling from home and I couldn't resist it.

There are now only a few roads around Lockington, including some of the village streets to complete in that area. Indeed there are only Bishop Burton and Cherry Burton to complete to finish the diamond from the Humber to Driffield and from Market Weighton to Beverley even though the towns at the corners are very far from complete.

Since Wetwang is now complete, at least at the first pass, so I thought I might let Paul Hudson know. He is the local BBC weather forecaster and honorary mayor of Wetwang. He'll just make some wise crack!

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