Friday 6 June 2008

North Hull Estate

Every city has housing estates - that's what makes most cities more than just a town. Hull has various estates of various ages and with varying reputations. The North Hull Estate is next to the Orchard Park Estate and is one of the older estates.

The houses have had some refurbishments and the roads are smothered with vicious speed humps. All the roads are numbered avenues. I can see absolutely no system or reason for the way the numbers are chosen.

I had some surprises: a tiny park tucked away in the estate and the huge fifth avenue school that is now derelict. In its grounds, which used to be a large sports field, there's a new school, so not much sports field left. I don't see the sense of that.

There were some small cul-de-sacs off Endike Lane. They then allowed me to set the limits of the sports fields that lie to the south. There is more detail in the fields, but I haven't got any markers yet to distinguish them, so one big space will do for now, besides they are used for football, rugby and hockey in winter and cricket in summer so how to tag? There are some tennis courts in the space too, but again I haven't got any tracks yet, and poor resolution Yahoo! images so I can't trace them.

You can see the map here.

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