Monday 2 June 2008


We added a few more streets in Hull, especially around the university. I thought it might be a bit difficult to know the boundaries of things, but it was fine. The university has a girls school (Newland) next to it, but the school is beautifully framed by service road. There is also a police sports ground in the space too, but once again it has a framing road round most of it. The hi-tech business park was enclosed by a road and a stream, so it all went well.

We added some newish residential roads that sit where a teacher-training college used to be. A few more simple roads and we were done.

There are some other sports grounds and a couple of schools for special needs kids to add. Access is difficult, but the roads around should frame them too.

Take a look at the map.


Claudius said...

You should add OSM-links to the areas you are mapping or even better add a OSM map of that section to your blogposts right away. The Mapstraction Mapping-API might help you do this:

Chris Hill said...

That's a very good idea. I'll do that from now on.