Tuesday 30 June 2009

Venture north

It was a hot day yesterday and forecast to be hotter today. I hate sitting in traffic in a car on a hot day, but meandering along quiet country lanes in an air-conditioned car on a hot day is rather pleasant, so that's what we did. I've been maintaining a list of the places in East Yorkshire and the progress towards completing a good standard of them. This, to me, means all public roads added, with names where possible, and the obvious PoIs, such as churches, schools, post offices, pubs and some shops. More is better, but this will give a usable map and a good framework for people to add extra stuff to.

There were some villages in the north of the county that were partly complete so we thought we would take a look at them and try to bring them to a good standard. There are also some country lanes that were missing, some of which we could take in. I like the countryside in this part of the county, known as the Yorkshire Wolds - there's always something to see. We saw pheasants, partridges, yellow hammers, linnets and a kestrel. The verges were full of flowers, especially meadow cranesbill.

The most northerly place we visited is the hamlet of Fordon. There's not much of the hamlet in the picture, but in fact there's not that much more to the whole place, but the view is great. We did venture out of the East Riding a few times to join up a few roads to roads in North Yorkshire. There was a noticeable surface change at the boundary - perhaps a good clue to where unmarked boundaries lie.

In the end we completed seven villages. All of them had had some useful work done before by other people and some by someone I have come across before. Once more his tracks are pretty good, but some of the names on roads have clearly been copied from other sources. They are right now, but it does make me cross.

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