Thursday 24 September 2009

Bus maps and a fool

We've been out checking bus stops again in Hull. We've now checked over half of the stops. Today was a struggle, on busy roads with lots of stops missing. Hedon road was very substantially rebuilt some years ago and I wonder if the old stops were not removed from the council lists and new ones added, although the consecutive numbers would not support this.

Keeping track of the stops was becoming a pain, so I knocked up an overlay for the stops in Hull. I offered the sources for this map to the talk transit list or to extend it for other areas but there's not much interest. I've sent the link to my contact in Hull council so he can see progress.

Something has been bugging me recently. The OSM-Talk mailing list can be very busy and often has interesting or useful threads on it, but lately it has been full of meaningless, circular, argumentative threads, usually pushed along by one person in particular. I'm beginning to dread the meaningless, rubbish that he replies with, to almost anything people add to the list. I wish others would ignore him.

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Can fully agree over talk@, i've been hitting delete all on there for a while now.