Thursday 10 September 2009

Lets move on

We mapped the last chunk of streets in Goole today. There's still stuff to complete for the town in details like some POIs and maybe some footways, but I'm going to leave it to someone else. I'm moving on to map somewhere else.

I have used a Yahoo email account for the OSM mailing lists. I wanted to keep all that separate from my normal mail. Thunderbird makes managing separate email addresses very straightforward, so all was well. Recently though, many messages were being delayed. The mail threads didn't make sense, I was getting replies to emails that I hadn't seen yet. When I added a message it was hours before I got it back again. So I set up a mail account on my testing domain which now seems to work very quickly. I just forget to change my name, so the lists got a message from 'osm' - not very helpful.

I did ask Yahoo about this, they sent me an email, which arrived immediately, so there was no problem apparently.

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